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No Weights, No Problem

Here’s How to Get Jacked with Nothing But Your Own Bodyweight

Body Weight Body Building Bw1I’ve been an iron-addicted meathead for as long as I can keep in mind. Pressing heavy weights is kinda my thing.

That is up until I pressed it too far and got a major injury. Another.

And a couple of more after that. Lastly, surgical treatment.

It was just when I was required to, when recuperating from rotator cuff surgical treatment after a lot of years of heavy benching, that I checked out the choices of training with absolutely nothing however my own bodyweight.

Formerly I had actually developed my training around squats, deadlifts, presses and Olympic lifts.

Whatever else after that was made with bodyweight. They were referred to as “help exericses” and never ever rather provided the exact same significance of the huge lifts, even though they made up for more than 50% of my overall training program.

Now, here I was with my arm simply out of a sling and I all might do were kneeling pushups and some bodyweight rows from nearly a standing position.

I could not put a bar on my back or choose one up either so deadlifts and squats were out. Due to the fact that of that I launched the ante on single leg bodyweight just works out for the lower body.

What Happened From My Bodyweight Only Training Experiment?

Body Weight Body Building ring-dipFast forward to 6 months later on and I felt extraordinary. Pains and discomforts that I had for years were gone.

The throbbing shoulder, the throbbing knees, the stiff lower back … All gone.

I ended up being addicted to bodyweight training and was constantly continuously aiming to press the developments and find out brand-new variations of the motions.

I sought to people like Herschel Walker and Olympic rings gymnasts for motivation.

These people never ever touch a weight however have bodies most people would eliminate for.

Due to the fact that it’s part of who I am however I’ve never ever looked at bodyweight training the exact same considering that, ultimately I included weights back in.

To this day I still do a minimum of a couple of 60-90day blocks of simply bodyweight training each year where I do not touch a weight.

When I was residing in the East Village in New York City I trained for a whole summer season outside at Tompkins Square Park, where you see much of the YouTube legends carrying out extraordinary accomplishments of strength regularly.

I trained along side much of those people every day that summer season, long prior to YouTube even existed and I never ever lost an ounce of size or strength by investing that time far from the heavy iron.

I got leaner and some of my pals even commented that I had actually gotten larger.

Nowadays, I live within strolling range of Muscle Beach in Santa Monica and make my method over there regularly to train on the rings, chin and dip bars and the climbing up poles and ropes.

Training like this keeps me young, lean, healthy and athletic.

If you like deadlifts and squats as much as I do you can still benefit from one or 2 stages per year of pure bodyweight training, even. It’s a fantastic method to offer your spinal column and joints a break from all the heavy loading.

You’ll likewise discover that you construct brand-new muscle in locations that were formerly underdeveloped, and your core strength will skyrocket.

Introducing Body Weight Body Building …

Body Weight Body Building Bodyweight-BBThis is the supreme bodyweight just training program for developing practical size, strength and athleticism.

Back-breaking iron this is the strategy for you if you’re older and/or beat up from too lots of years of grinding heavy.

This is the strategy for you if you train at house in your garage or basement with restricted devices.

, if it’s summer season where you live and you desire to get out of the health club for a while this is the strategy for you.


, if you like weight training however simply desire to take a break from it for 90 days this is the strategy for you.


All you require is a set of rings or a suspension fitness instructor and couple of square feet of void and you’ve got a definitely badass exercise.

Inside This Instantly Downloadable Program You’ll Discover:

  • Body Weight Body Building Aly10-copy1 workout to bulletproof your shoulders versus injury so you do not need to lose time with ineffective pre-hab and rehabilitation.
  • The 2 BEST stomach workouts nobody is doing These establish 3D abs like absolutely nothing else I’ve ever attempted.
  • How to double your training frequency for each muscle group for two times the gains.
  • The secret lat workoutthat will offer you the desirable “cobra” look much better than anything else.
  • If you desire to guarantee constant development and prevent overtraining,

  • What NEVER to do.
  • The supreme pre-workout heat upthat will increase movement, avoid injuries and AMP up your efficiency.
  • Tricks to prevent elbow and shoulder discomfortso that you can keep training and getting.
  • Exactly what to do on off days to accelerate your development and assist you prevent any kind of injury or problem.
  • How to construct gymnast sized weaponswithout ever doing a curl or pushdown.
  • A totally detailed conditioning exercise that you can contribute to your strength training strategy.
  • When it comes to developing huge pecs and shoulders,

  • 3 chest workouts that definitely blow the bench press out of the water

And today you can get the totally detailed, 90- day Body Weight Body Building Program plus 30 days in my unique Renegade Strength Club.

Click the contribute to haul button listed below and prepare to feel begin feeling much better than ever and ending up being a practical, athletic badass.


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